Levvy has implemented a dynamic fee structure that ensures a balanced allocation of fees between lenders and borrowers. Moreover, depending on the COTAS stamp level attained by the user, there is a possibility of qualifying for fee discounts, which presents an additional advantage for active and committed participants.
The fee structure begins at 1.25% in the absence of any stamp and progressively reduces to 0.75% for users holding a Level 3 stamp (Note that Gold Passports automatically benefit from stamp Level 3 fees discounts, but they can still upgrade the stamps purely for aesthetics as they complete the different milestones). Below is an example of how full transaction fees will be collected:
  • The lender possesses a stamp level 1 and is subject to a fee of 1.20%.
  • The borrower has a stamp level 3 and is subject to a fee of 0.75%.
  • Levvy collects a total of 1.95% of the loan amount in fees.
Note that Lenders and Borrowers will also be subject to MinUTXO fees (aprox. 4-6 ADA)

Fees Distribution

Upon collection of fees on our protocol, these will be distributed as follows:
  • Projects Royalties: 20%
  • Koatwoolf Cabin holders: 30%
  • The Ape Society Team: 50%

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