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Introducing our powerful stats feature, designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your lending and borrowing activities.

What statistics will Levvy provide its users?

My Stats
Platform Stats
Easily track vital information such as the total loans you've taken, the total loans you've borrowed, and the amounts loaned and borrowed. These precise metrics provide valuable insights into your financial engagement within our platform.
As an added bonus, your stamp progress in COTAS is visually represented through progress bars, helping you gauge your advancement towards each specific level.
Take charge of your lending journey and aim for new heights by fulfilling the requirements for each level.
Gain a broader understanding of the platform's performance through our insightful all-stats feature.
Explore key metrics such as Active Loan Volume, Total Value Locked (TVL), Total Loans Active, and Total Loans All Time. These statistics offer a macro-level view of the lending ecosystem, enabling you to stay informed about the platform's growth and overall lending activity.
Immerse yourself in the dynamic landscape of lending and gain a deeper understanding of the trends shaping our community.
Discover and engage with the most influential and active participants through our interactive leaderboard; uncover the top lenders, top borrowers, and other notable contributors who are making an impact in the lending space, and easily access their passports and connect with them through their linked Twitter handles.
Furthermore, explore the leaderboard showcasing the top lent collections, celebrating the creativity and value generated by our community. This is an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and find inspiration within our thriving ecosystem.
Explore the depths of our platform and unlock a world of possibilities. Keep track of your progress, gain insights from platform-wide statistics, and engage with top contributors through our interactive leaderboard.